Testing your urethane casting prototypes design for manufacturing low-volume medical devices is an essential part of your company’s continuous improvement. Successful production is the core essence to obtain a lean manufacturing process. Between the change of the external environment demands and the organizational structure of your company, the better equipped you are to help your manufacturing, the better response you’ll be able to have to rapid market changes.

Medical innovations have made the industry seek better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat health problems. Even if AI has been taking the center stage when it comes to innovation, the creation of physical devices still needs to catch up to it. 

Is your medical device production up to the challenge of the rapid market changes?


In the years of experience with ARRK, our team has seen an improvement in the medical industry when urethane casting was used to start a new product or to test how the doctors would be using the innovative devices. 

The benefits that urethane casting provides to projects are many, leaving it as one of the best options around to get your medical device up and running.

The urethane casting manufacturing process is a fast, inexpensive, way to produce high-quality low volume production parts, and every industry that uses plastic parts must have a good team because the disadvantages that come with it, is when the proper maintenance of the production parts is not given the right care.

By using an array of materials for low volume production of parts from rigid to elastomeric, colored to transparent. ARRK’s urethane casting process can provide detailed plastic and rubber parts to your specifications including lenses, living hinges, seals, keypads, and more. Urethane castings can be colored or tinted to a wide range of color options matching PMS – Pantone, Federal Standard, RAL, or even provided color samples. 

Take advantage of urethane casting

The most effective way to push innovative medical equipment manufacturing is to have a prepared manufacturer. The material properties, design analysis, and manufacturing diligence from start to end must be applied with proficiency. Besides having a proper plan to maintain costs within margin, if the distribution would only be for a small number of devices or several hundred.

ARRK counts with expertise in material properties, design analysis, and manufacturing diligence from start to finish. The team’s quality system knows the level of responsibility it needs in every production, achieving good manufacturing practices for your medical equipment manufacturing.

Receive support from our highly qualified team to meet your needs from prototype through production. Our VIP service provides the skilled program management you require.

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