Having several testing rounds can be due to the prototyping material not matching expectations on the needed properties. Urethane casting has a versatility that allows the creation of a wide range of part specifications and geometries, so your product can acquire the desired properties if possible without taking too much time or money from the project’s budget.

Prioritizing material choice in testing

ARRK provides detailed manufacturing guidance from start to finish. Ensuring the design is well intended for the testing stages is essential for manufacturers to prioritize material choice by using the exact or comparable material to the final part, providing the most accurate results possible for a functional prototype or end product.

Finding the suitable material for its application is important for all product manufacturing. Industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical can be seen as the ones most known to need multifaceted property specifications. Still, in reality, all products must go under regulations to keep safe human (or animal) lives, even the safety of architectural structures.

Making sure all manufacturer products function according to plan then is considered to need to be:

  • Resistant to wear-and-tear
  • Resilience to weather elements
  • Impact resistance

How ARRK obtains the best available results for your products


A sophisticated model can be easily designed from a CAD model, either for urethane casting or 3D printed prototypes, and the product’s fidelity would improve in time as the team checks the following:

  • Proficiency in every option used, such as in the wide range of resins, size, and finishing options
  • Creating accurate and high-quality cast copies with an immaculate finish from start to finish of a project
  • Early investment in spotting possible circumstances in which a quick turnaround is needed.

Having the general design approved is not the end. It needs to have a well-formed architecture for a functional assembly; would it need to be as air-tight as possible? Does it allow space between some parts but not in others? All of this and more are considered in the continual testing of obtaining a functional prototype.

An extensive range of material properties is available from ARRK with our urethane casting process:

  • Rigid Urethane Casting Materials
  • Elastomeric Urethane Casting Materials

There are also finishes and colors we produce to choose from as options

For example, urethane casting compounds can be colored or tinted to various color options matching PMS Pantone, Federal Standard, RAL, or even supplied color samples. In addition, parts can have a smooth finish, high polish, or textured finish. 

We have a wide range of additional finishing options we provide, depending on what is needed for the project:

  • Logo and Graphics Application
  • Spray Painting Texture
  • Electroforming Plate
  • Gold Color
  • Spin Line
  • Sputtering
  • Vacuum Metalize

We understand well the rapidly changing market demands and how that affects your business. Therefore, ARRK North America, Inc. will work with you during every stage of the process to ensure we meet your product needs and your production lead time goal. 

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