CNC machined component manufacturers must be ready to meet your needs and communicate their capabilities. Deliverability is vital for a CNC machining company. ARRK’s service provides high quality parts for your project to maintain deadlines and ensure products get to market more efficiently.

CNC machining assures precision production


CNC manufacturing is a subtractive manufacturing process that creates parts quickly by removing material with unsurpassed accuracy. Cutting tools eliminate unwanted material from solid plastic or metal, achieving a part’s desired shape and measurements.

Varied industries use CNC to meet their needs and find it is best to count on an expert manufacturer for high quality components. ARRK North America provides 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centers to create parts for projects in the Electronics, Transportation, Medical, Robotics, and other industries.

Using a suitable machine for the job

In milling, the machine turns tools around the piece, making it possible to use several tools to create proper measurements on complex parts. ARRK selects the best machining center for achieving the end product.

  • We have 3-axis CNC machining, which can remove material on the three primary directions corresponding to a flat surface axis: X, Y, and Z.
  • We also have 5-axis CNC machining, removing material in five different directions: X, Y, Z, and two additional axes in which the tool rotates.

Having access to sophisticated machining centers, software, and CAD technology isn’t enough. An experienced team is needed to handle complex projects with efficiency. Dedicated teams such as those at ARRK North America can help in your project efficiency and reach project goals.

Providing defined specifications

Besides using a suitable machine for the better axis to be used, we can provide general master model tolerances, but we can guarantee higher tolerances with prior agreement.

Machining master models± .005 in. or ±.13mm

Standard or supplied drawing tolerances:
• Example:
.X ± .030
.XX ± .010
.XXX ± .005

Your CNC manufacturer needs to be up to the challenge

The most important thing that a CNC machined components manufacturer should have is precision and experience to execute projects. Whether you need just a single component or several machined parts, we can help. Our CNC service offers exceptional quality parts in metals or plastics. ARRK has a history of taking complex, intricate projects and making them a reality.

Please contact ARRK’s representatives to learn about our team’s expert capabilities.

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