Are you looking for a better smoother finish for your skin tightening or body sculpting devices? How about the possibility of achieving complex geometries to stand out from other body sculpting companies? From prototyping with 3D printing, urethane casting, or CNC machining, to Low Volume Production with Injection molding or Die Casting, ARRK North America Inc. can help you keep the aesthetic design for your cosmetic medical device.

Many people are using laser treatment at home, and other customers have beautiful facilities for their consultation, making it important to stand out in the market, especially knowing people’s lives and careers are in the line. The skin tightening and body contouring advanced system must be respected.

The most complete service to manufacture your aesthetic device

We offer engineering services for optical, lighting, and laser implementation for your products. These include custom designs, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and integration into existing systems. With aesthetic technologies comes the responsibility of creating the most effective treatments for everyone who uses them.

We recommend using urethane casting for making your product because we’ve found it to be one of the easiest ways to get started. In general, injection molding systems tend to make designs fit into their molds rather than the reverse. Urethane casting allows your design to maintain its smooth edges and features that cannot be achieved through injection molding.

Achieve the visual aesthetic you desire in production

These are the two main reasons our designs and manufacturing of medical devices with ARRK North America Inc. can provide the best results:

  • We ensure that the product has functionalities that meet the needs of its target market. For example, providing a medical device with mechanical characteristics that allow for multiple uses, whether they be strong enough to withstand their intended use or flexible enough to fit into tight spaces.
  • Electrical engineering encompasses everything from powering mechanical movements to acquiring external information to monitoring machines themselves.

Most manufacturers will tell you that they need to modify their designs in the design or prototype phase to a production line phase. At ARRK, we find ways of keeping our products exactly how you envisioned them.

Reliability of functionality and keeping up with lead times

We rely upon an exceptionally talented group of professionals who know their stuff regarding product development, production, and everything in between. They give us excellent guidance for our productions. In addition, we know how quickly technology changes, which makes it difficult for businesses like yours to keep up. Our team understands these challenges and has adapted our services accordingly.

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