Rapidly changing market demands push industries to compare urethane casting vs 3D printing. Everyone in various industries needs to handle the project’s requirements with assertiveness, especially with a good, experienced team. Good in every step, from the manufacturing design and production lines. Industries such as medical, electronics, robotics, automotive, and aerospace can gain a head start with ARRK North America’s expertise.

Comparison of urethane casting vs 3D printing

  • In 3D printing, part creation is by layering material in succession, using the power of liquid getting hardened by a laser.
  • In urethane casting, a master mold is created for it to replicate several times the product.

Creating each part is one of the critical points to determining which type of prototyping is better for you, including production volume, customizability, the complexity of shapes, and customizable capabilities. These key points are why ARRK’s team wants to talk to you about the project and budgeting needs. That way, it can provide better information according to the unique situation.

Taking into consideration the last point, let’s compare urethane casting vs 3D printing.

Advantages of 3D printing


3D printing manufacturing creates an opportunity for a good supply chain on low volume production in several sectors. The most significant and clear advantage is the environmental impact of lowering energy usage and using fewer materials. Other additive manufacturing benefits can focus on inventory management.

How additive manufacturing is possible to do faster prototyping

  • Methodical use of materials
  • Energy efficiency
  • Better inventory management
  • Good customization and upgrading practices

Advantages of urethane casting

Urethane casting provides a perfect way to work through iterations. Such a production process’s versatility allows ARRK to produce from lenses, keypads to double-shot castings with ABS-like substrate and rubber overmold around it with the cast in color and texture threaded inserts are molded into the parts as needed.

Urethane casting services with ARRK can be colored or tinted to a wide range of color options matching PMS – Pantone, FederalStandard, RAL, or even provided color samples. In addition, parts can have a smooth finish, high polish, or textured finish.

We have a wide range of finishing options to provide, according to the best for the prototype.

  • Spray Painting Texture
  • Acrylic Dyeing
  • Electroforming Plate
  • Gold Color
  • Spin Line
  • Sputtering
  • Vacuum Metalize

What is the preferred method for your production?

It all comes down to the different applications you need your part to have and the production run volumes.

In ARRK, we count on an incredibly experienced team, which knows the trade and gives the best advice to match your expectations and production needs. In addition, we understand well about the rapidly changing market demands and how that affects your business.

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