Injection Molding is a process of mass production used to create plastic parts. It is a manufacturing technique that involves injecting molten thermoplastic material into a mold cavity. The mold cavity is then closed and cooled down to solidify the injected material.

Injection molding is widely used in the automotive industry because it allows manufacturers to improve manufacturing processes and manage cost-effectively.

Let us explore further the use of injection molding in the automotive industry.

Why use plastic injection molding manufacturing

In the product development of any automotive component, it is important to have the proper mold design, even if it weren’t injection molding. Knowing how to design automotive plastic parts is a given in today’s world. Creating an automotive mold design in injection molding can provide:

  • Design flexibility
  • Better use of material
  • Wide variety of materials
  • Rapid production
  • High efficiency

Custom plastic injection molding to create automotive components

The ability to follow customer specifications and combine knowledge is part of ARRK’s service. The specific physical properties provided to the created parts give better solutions for uniform wall thickness and complex designs. If your project needs any customization for the product or the finishing, ARRK’s team can help clear any questions.


Here is a list of automotive parts that can be produced with injection molding:

  • Interior car components: Glove box liners, bumper pads, console bin mats, cupholder inserts, wheel housing liners, gas tank pads, door water barriers, radiators, A/C condensers, HVAC seals, and other components such as acoustic insulation ones.
  • Exterior components: Car bumpers, fenders, hoods, doors, trunk lids, mirrors, radiator supports, grilles,  and other body panels.
  • Lighting components: Taillights, headlights, dashboard paneling, and other lighting car components.

Manufacturing stages are done with excellence from start
to finish

The visual end result is also an important detail to achieve. Our process includes flaw removal to polish or match color painting, dyeing, metalizing, plating, and beyond for aesthetic and functional needs.

Our experience knows service to customers is marked by the time delivery too, and plastic injection molding is an incredible manufacturing capability to create several parts of a vehicle, causing better control over the logistics to assemble the complete automobile.

Expertise in your team for challenges ahead

There are many challenges in the future of every manufacturing industry, for example, the automotive industry is going through the challenge of passing to electric-only and plug-in hybrids, and like any challenge, the implications on the supply chains and operations must stay up to support a better future growing in conjunction.

ARRK North America can help you in the complex automotive manufacturing process, moving towards a new era of end-customer needs. Get in contact with us today to see how we can help you meet your production parts needs and the goal time of production.

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