All distribution of medical equipment and manufacturing devices for human use must go under good manufacturing practices and good distribution practices. Every part of the cycle is controlled, so the design and prototyping also need an experienced manufacturing team to handle such projects.

Reach new heights in the practical applications for new medical technology or inventions

The most effective way to overcome medical equipment manufacturing problems has a prepared manufacturer. The right manufacturer team knows about material properties, design analysis, and manufacturing diligence from start to end must be applied with proficiency, besides having a proper plan to maintain costs within margin, if the distribution would only be for a small number of devices or several hundred.

Dealing with many manufacturing projects, ARRK’s team is more than capable of comprehending how to solve possible manufacturing problems. Your project can be with the best team to create new medical technology or invention from design, rapid prototyping, and a global array of capabilities.

Using urethane casting in the medical industry

Using urethane casting is the best option when prototyping a new medical technology or invention. Providing urethane casting parts for end-use for the medical industry goes from rigid, flexible, or just what it needs it to be, and it is part of ARRK’s capability. Besides the material, the time of creation is reduced significantly compared with other manufacturing services. Using urethane casting is the closest prototype service someone can provide with a working prototype.


These are some examples of items created with urethane casting in the Medical industry: 

  • Inhalers
  • Surgical bins 
  • Equipment panels
  • Test supplies
  • Monitor housings
  • External panels
  • cases for trauma equipment

Is it viable to work with urethane casting to create
medical devices?

The fastest-growing sector in medical device manufacturing is orthopedics devices (such as reconstructive devices and arthroscopy devices). The manufacturing industry has polished all its experience for the development of, for example, spinal implants, arthroscopy, hip implants, and even knee replacements.

Covering all the possible choices for any medical necessity, we can adapt to provide replacements or create new products. Depending on the need of your item, we believe urethane casting can lead your items to reach company goals of meeting lead times or successful introduction into the market.

Overcoming manufacturing problems with the right solutions

ARRK counts on expertise in material properties, design analysis, and manufacturing diligence from start to finish. The team’s quality system knows the level of responsibility it needs in every production, achieving good manufacturing practices for your medical equipment manufacturing.

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