While artificial intelligence (AI) has been advancing rapidly over the last decade, its impact on healthcare is only now beginning to take shape in the form of medical service robots. However, as AI becomes more sophisticated, it will likely play a more significant role in assisting patients and their families.

ARRK’s team is just a few steps away from helping you get on your feet with production-grade 3D printing, CNC milling, or even urethane casting. We’ve got all the tools necessary for rapid prototyping so that we can bring your design model to life in record time!

Combining your companies’ software development and our experienced team in product development, you can pave the way for these technological advancements in the healthcare industry.

Technological advancement in the form of healthcare robots

Medical Service Robots (MSR) are medical devices that assist in performing activities like patient examination, diagnosis, treatment, therapy, surgery, etc. MSRs can be used for  healthcare applications like:

Mobile telemedicine
Remote monitoring
Home health care
Hospital automation

Medical Service Robots can be classified into autonomous robots and semi-autonomous robots. In either category, making sure all stages of creating a healthcare robot are in excellent hands.

Considering all the specifications the robot needs

The Robot Joints helps the device to move in different kind of movements to do specific tasks, and there are five major types of joints such as:

Rotational joint
Linear joint  
Twisting joint
Orthogonal joint  
  Revolving joint

Here in ARRK, we can ensure our team can take any of your projects by creating a healthcare robot that best cares Here in ARRK North America Inc., we can ensure our team can take any of your projects by creating the hardware of your healthcare robot that best cares for the physical optimization for its environment and human handlers in collaboration with our experts when it comes to movement, functionality, and material used for its production.

We consider all efforts to keep health workers and medical staff with the best professional service robots available for their patient care, as well as providing:

  • Serious dedication to the development of health robotics
  • Consideration of the human interactions with the robot
  • Automation equipment able to efficiently deliver medication or vital signs information
  • Material agents of the robot able to withstand disinfectant and other harsh chemicals 
  • Functional robots able to be used in invasive surgery
  • Equipment with engineering design
  • Advanced sensor technology
  • Integrated laser technology
  • Ready-to-use electrical system

In ARRK, we count on an incredibly experienced team, which knows the trade and gives the best advice to match your expectations and production needs. In addition, we understand well the rapidly changing market demands and how that affects your business, making us stand out from other medical device manufacturers.

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