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The urethane casting manufacturing process is a fast, inexpensive, way to produce high-quality low volume production parts, and every industry that uses plastic parts should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of urethane casting. At ARRK North America, Inc., you can count on a trusted group of engineers and technicians with many years of experience in manufacturing urethane cast parts.

You can gain a head start with urethane casting services at ARRK, we provide a perfect way to work through iterations that best suit rapidly changing market demands in various industries including medical, consumer electronics, robotics, automotive, and defense. Plus, in case you need to scale up your production to even larger quantities, you will be able to continue working with us for your additional product development stages.


  • Versatility
  • Good aesthetics
  • Speed to market 

It is a go-to-manufacturing method using an array of materials for low volume production of parts from rigid to elastomeric, colored to transparent. ARRK’s urethane casting process can provide detailed plastic and rubber parts to your specifications including lenses, living hinges, seals, keypads, and more. Urethane castings can be colored or tinted to a wide range of color options matching PMS – Pantone, Federal Standard, RAL, or even provided color samples. 

Parts can have a smooth finish, high polish, or desired textured finish. Here at ARRK we have the ability to provide parts with multiple finishes such as a polished surface in one area with the remaining surfaces textured. Parts can be over-molded, contain inserts molded in, and have secondary process treatments like painting and silkscreen. Cast urethane gives you access to high quality, low volume reproductions of “production-like parts” in a variety of materials. 

The urethane casting process is a fast way into the market because silicone molds used to make the parts are created very quickly. Ideal for low-quantity production with a low cost tooling investment. With this quick turnaround time, urethane cast parts can provide a company the speed to the market advantage they need for testing product design, customer responses, or market acceptance of a new product.



While a silicone mold wears out quickly it is vastly more cost-effective for very low volume and prototype plastic parts with production level quality and surface finishes. 

If you go to another company that doesn’t handle intricate features and detailed finishing, it could cost you more money and time to get your project to market.

We highly recommend working with an experienced team to have your back on production, especially due to the following disadvantages with other urethane casting companies.

  • Poor maintenance of casting machinery can potentially produce color flaws due to residue left in the chamber
  • Lack of experience creating molds with proper gates and venting to ensure bubble free castings
  • Requirements aren’t met (like fire retardancy), creating parts that can’t be used by the general public
  • Not having a guaranteed service with quality control designed to meet the dimensional requirements in casting 


ARRK North America, Inc.’s 70 years of experience guarantees you will avoid any disadvantages and only experience the advantages of urethane casting.

Choosing between injection molding and urethane casting manufacturing depends on your production volume and the needs of the product to meet expectations.

Having ARRK North America, Inc. as a trusted and experienced team for your project will increase your assurance to meet deadlines and company production goals, avoiding setbacks.

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