Plant protection is a branch of agricultural science that devises ways and means of controlling diseases, pests, and weeds of crops and trees, as well as a set of measures used in agriculture and forestry to prevent and eliminate the damage done to plants by harmful organisms.

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3 Different Protection Methods for Plants in Agriculture

Protecting plants and crops from pests and diseases is extremely important, the most common type of method used in the protection of plants is chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides), and the way they are applied is by spraying them. Spraying can be done by a number of methods like knapsack sprayers, foot sprayers, hand compression sprayers; air carrier sprayers such as motorized knapsack mist blower cum duster (LV), and centrifugal rotary disc type sprayers

Even do chemical use is the most popular method for plant protection there are also other methods that are proven to be efficient and that do not involve the use of chemicals, such as:

  • Soil Steam Sterilization

Is an agricultural technique that sterilizes the soil by steam in open ground or in a greenhouse. Plant and crop pests such as weeds, bacteria, fungi, and viruses are killed by the induced hot steam, thereby revealing important cellular proteins. Biologically, the method is considered partial disinfection. Important heat-resistant spore-forming bacteria can survive and regenerate soil after cooling.

  • Deep Plowing

Deep plowing is used to modify the soil water-retention characteristics over the long term, whereas ordinary plowing is used to improve the soil structure for short-term use. It is done by plowing to a depth greater than 20 inches as compared to ordinary plowing which rarely exceeds 8 inches

  • Plant Monitoring

Constant monitoring is a good method to notice if any pest has affected the plant, by using a series of photos and comparing them to a databank, the monitoring machine is able to notice if any changes have occurred and what may have caused them.

Pushing the capacity of Manufacturing technology to help the Agriculture Industry

No matter the method, there is a lot of equipment that can be used in the many processes for plant protection, equipment that range from the simple such as a common pump-action pesticide sprayer to intricate equipment, like the implements used on tractors (and the tractors itself) to plow the ground and burn unwanted weeds.

All of this equipments could be designed and produced with the help of ARRK North America Inc. our team of experts will make sure to find the best production and design method to fit your necessities, thanks to our wide range of options.

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