Cooking is an art and Natuza is revolutionizing the way people eat by reinventing steam cuisine. With their one of a kind steam cooker powered by the new steam injection technology for cooking food, Natuza is putting health and taste on your plate. Nathalie de Ceglie, CEO and founder of Natuza, turned to ARRK North America to prototype the world’s first automatic individual steam cooker which will allow consumers to choose the flavor that fits their diet, taste or preference.

“Meals can be ready within 2 to 5 minutes. The technology is based on an innovative cooking process where controlled steam is injected directly inside the plate and into the heart of the food by using flavored pods. It can be used to cook all different kinds of dishes from meats, pastas, and vegetables to rice, fish, and desserts,” said De Ceglie. “Food prepared is a real feast for the senses, from the intensive and authentic taste to the pleasantly al dente consistency. Natuza machine ensures the best possible food quality and contributes significantly to a vitamin-rich and healthy diet,” added De Ceglie.

Based on the requirements of the project, ARRK’s knowledgeable team turned to CNC rapid prototyping to quickly and economically produce the prototype parts directly from CAD data. CNC machined prototypes are ideal not only for form, fit and function testing but can also be used as pre-launch publicity or marketing models. “We were looking for a rapid turnaround of machined parts and with ARRK’s CNC machining service, we are able to send our CAD design to ARRK and have some of the parts we required in our hands within a week,” said De Ceglie.

Natuza cuisine masters have created 25 different recipes to gather different flavors making the dishes really balanced and delicious. The company is already at the tooling stage and plan to start shipping this product in June 2016.

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