Vacuum cast urethane is a superior choice for prototyping or creating small production runs. The versatility of urethane casting allows for a wide range of part specifications and geometries not available with other rapid manufacturing processes. To help your robot achieve the desired result, we provide detailed manufacturing guidance. 

Which other industries are using urethane casting to improve their product manufacturing?

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Energy
  • Electronics
  • Education
  • Industrial
  • Medical & Dental

Why use urethane casting? 5 advantages of vacuum cast
urethane parts

Innovations are coming and to handle the rapid market changes being ready in less than a month is crucial. A low volume production process is an excellent option for a fast-growing market because of the following 5 advantages:

  1. Fast production
  2. Low cost
  3. High-quality products
  4. Abrasion resistance
  5. A wide variety of finishing options

How much profit can a robotics company make?


The earnings depend on a well-executed plan; placing a robot prototype manufactured with vacuum cast urethane to test in the market can help minimize risks and keep company expenses stable. Your idea for the next representative robot of your company can then expand beyond mundane or repetitive tasks. 

Robots can perform complicated tasks, and here at ARRK, we have worked in building production line robots, assistant robots, and robots for various industries. For example, the robotics industry is continually expanding to create robots to look for missing people, perform invasive surgeries, defense tactics robots to keep people safe, and many other tasks that help reduce the risk of losing human lives.

Why choose ARRK urethane casting services? 

ARRK offers a wide variety of materials for many specifications. Urethane castings can even be colored or tinted to a wide range of color options matching PMS – Pantone, Federal Standard, RAL, or even provided color samples. In addition, parts can have a smooth finish, high polish, or textured finish.

If your robot has lighting, we even provide optical analysis to support your engineering process delivering the best solution for your lighting issues.

The growth potential for a robotics company

Managing time and costs provides the desired results to the project manager and the in-house technical specialists. Selection of the proper materials and the appropriate manufacturer is crucial heading into the future of robotics. Producing complex process structures parts in prototyping alleviates possible investment risks of going straight into tooling. 

Where humans work hand-in-hand with robots to tackle
complex problems

Keep your customers coming back for more of your robots. Taking the end-user into consideration since the design part of the production process will make the difference, besides working with an expert manufacturer like ARRK and its team.

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