From the design being on time to keep the company’s distribution rhythm, there is a lot to consider in obtaining a flexible production time. In order to maintain lead times, ARRK North America Inc. has worked with an End-to-End approach for a whole scope of solutions.

Having the ARRK team on your side can help fulfill your requirements for the prototyping project; even if the design is not finished, there is a way to start a Low Volume Production test run with ARRK, something a lot of other manufacturers either force changes in the design or reject right away.

Here we will detail some of the ways we enhance the design and the production methods.

How to create flexible production times with End-to-End services

In the Design process

It’s important to think through all the details before starting to draw anything. If you don’t know exactly where you’re going, you might end up spending hours trying to figure things out later. Once you’ve created a rough draft, it’s time to refine your idea.

Sketching out what you want to build and its requirements would be next, from picking the raw materials to what is best for the environment in which it will be placed, all the factors need to be taken into account for the success of your product. This stage will most likely involve creating a 3D model using CAD (computer-assisted design) software.


The process of connecting all of the dots from the beginning of the project through to its completion is called “production planning.” It involves making sure that everything will fit together smoothly during the manufacturing phase.

Advantages of giving your idea attention in the design stage are:

  • Easy to change the design
  • Lower initial cost
  • Flexible lead time
  • Able to do Low volume production

In the Low Volume Production

Every successful production facility has an efficient team able to detect and solve any challenging task. A team well prepared if there are any sudden production anomalies can find a solution, even be prepared with anticipation, making the experience of your manufacturer a crucial point to consider in the production of your product.

Less take urethane casting as an example,  this option allows for quick turnaround times and lower costs than injection molding, which means that it can be used to prototype small quantities of parts before going into large-scale production. In addition, it allows for quick changes in design without having to wait for new molds to be made; the process is also less labor-intensive, making it easier to keep costs down.

Improve your delivery performance with a dependable team

We want to help as many companies as possible to achieve their objectives and have flexible production time for any iteration. That’s why our team of expert engineers and craftsmanship make ARRK the right choice for product development.

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