Creating a reliable plant detection software has been a challenge for many years, so why wouldn’t you get a trusted product manufacturer for prototyping or production?

Suppose your company provides products to protect agriculture from plant pests. In that case, you know not everyone can handle your method of handling agricultural commodities or all types of plants your customers manage. It takes a dedicated team to assure you of quality and ability to meet time frames.

At ARRK North America Inc., we can work with your team to develop new technologies in the agricultural products industry from any stage of the process, thanks to the wide arrange of available methods of production and our team of experts.  In our End-to-End service, we are ready to provide rapid prototyping, Low Volume Production, Urethane Casting, 3D Printing, CNC machining, Tooling, and Injection Molding.

Manufacturing your plant detectors with ARRK would be beneficial not only for its application by your customers but also for the industrial purposes of your future businesses.

Already have the software but need a better manufacturer capable of implementing optical technology?


Many sectors need a way of reliably detecting what type of plant they found or which plants the products would they’ll be working with, mainly botanists and plant ecologists. Still, they can be used in other parts of society such as foresters, farmers, landscape architects, biologists, and conservationists, opening your business options can be reached with a good team.

That is why it is essential to use optical technology with the best team of manufacturers and designers. Your company fixing the complexity of the detection process, the time it takes, and the specific terminology of the agricultural field, which can be frustrating, you might have it already fixed with your software’s database.

Besides having a good manufacturer with optical technology, you still need solid and strong hardware to store and collect data. Are other manufacturers telling you to change your design? Well, here is where our product development team can help your design become a reality.

Keep your design as it is and stand out from other companies

When applying product development with IoT to a sector such as agriculture, it would be necessary to take into consideration the concept of a “connected farm”, with a web that connects the central base to a fleet of devices in charge of seeding, watering, pesticide application, harvesting, etc.

For this to become a reality, one of the most important things would be to have a plant detection system that would tell the main computer what type of plant they would be working with, so that way they can modify the machine behavior into the most optimal one possible. Making the production of high-quality products with the best optical technology available is a crucial task.

Manufacturing these detectors could be done with the help of a company like ARRK North America Inc., our wide range of manufacturing processes allow for a flexible production plan and the ability to adjust according to the specific requirement of any company

We can make high-quality parts for products like plant detectors, and our team of experts will help through every stage of the process

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