An entire manufacturing process can be difficult and stressful for companies who have to rely on other companies for producing their products, so achieving a flexible production plan for the production process is essential, not just to save the most amount of resources, but time, allowing lead times to be possible. ARRK North America Inc. can offer a flexible production plan, having a great team of experts who will guide you through every step of the process.

Companies that are agile and resilient are able to eliminate costs, and quality issues, all when lowering the waste virtually before production begins; our team can plan a system strategically, anticipate potential issues before they happen, simulate multiple scenarios rapidly, and have the flexibility to meet market demand.

But one of the problems is that not all companies can produce every single part they need, that is where the job of a company like ARRK starts. We count on our End to end services to make it a reality for all our customers.

End-to-End means Designing, Prototyping, and Production

ARRK offers a wide range of possible designing and production processes that provide solutions, our team of experts can start at any point of the manufacturing process to help your company reach its goal. By giving free rein to the companies to approach us and get help on the rest of the steps they need, we have seen many teams achieve their goals.

For example, in the design area we offer:

  • Mechanical design model
  • Lightning design model
  • Soft goods design model
  • A variety of finishing options

Are you in need of leaving your design as it is or optimizing it?

Your initial model design will open the door to the many prototyping options available, the prototype is used for a physical representation of what the finished product can look like or it can also serve as a way to make a cast, this cast will be utilized to produce the finished product. 


Are you looking for options to leave your design as it is? Are you looking for an alternative for better internal strength for longevity? Are you in need of a Low Volume Production run to test your market? Or do you need a prototype close-to-production resemblance? ARRK’s team has the solutions.

The prototyping options we offer are:

  • 3D Printing
  • Urethane casting
  • CNC Machining
  • Microwave molding
  • Lightning prototypes

At ARRK North America Inc., we offer Low, Medium, and High volume production; all of these have a high-quality outcome for your manufactured products, and with any of these models we can offer a few different processes like Styling Design, Tooling & Injection Molding.

If you need help achieving a flexible production plan through any stage of the process, you can contact the team of ARRK, we can see which of our solutions would better assist you.

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