There are many ways how additive manufacturing is different from traditional manufacturing. Sometimes sticking to what we already know feels like the more secure way to go. All the procedures are well determined, and for anything that comes up. 

Exploring a new process can be challenging, even greater risk of not getting a team that provides a solution to your production needs. Like anything, having a better understanding of everything in your manufacturing process could change for the better is recommended, but also to put in perspective the team’s experience that you choose to have as an ally in additive manufacturing.

Taking into consideration your best interest

In the manufacturing industry, improving techniques are constantly tested, significantly to lower the cost of production, optimize material usage, lower energy consumption, and expand their capability. However, some requirements will need to be considered, like Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Fit to purpose has already been done in the Traditional manufacturing process, but at what cost? There has to be a long line of production steps to deliver the finished product to market. Traditional steps are better known to be a subtractive manufacturing process, making it a place where it shows how much materials could be saved.

What other things could be better for your company using additive manufacturing instead of traditional ones?

Key points to determine which type of manufacturing is better for you are:

  • Production volume
  • Customizability
  • Complexity of shapes

Another strong point that could hinder jumping into additive manufacturing is a lack of professionally trained personnel.

Having few people who have experience and up-to-date knowledge is hard to come by, but not impossible. ARRK North America Inc. is an example of having a good team of designers, technicians, craftsmanship, and sales representatives that know their craft.

Create a bigger opportunity with additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing creates an opportunity for a good supply chain on low volume production in several sectors. Your sector can already have a list of beneficial developments. The most significant and clear advantage is the environmental impact of lowering energy usage and using fewer materials. There are other additive manufacturing benefits that can be focused on inventory management.

Having engineers, designers, and crafty finishing experts at your side will give you the upper hand in your project. Allowing  ARRK North America, Inc. to help in these global competitive environments can guide you to achieving the quality you need for your production process. 

Get in contact with ARRK’s experts to better understand the needs of your projects and how we can meet them.

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