Autonomous robots are machines that perform tasks without needing constant supervision by a person. Technology has always mesmerized the creativity of people and helped free up their time from repetitive tasks. Your team already has done the necessary steps to either have your design model to get you moving forward, how can ARRK?

  • Rapid prototyping with any of our services like urethane casting, 3D printing, or CNC machining.
  • Assisting with Low Volume Production services with an injection molding batch or from other of our services.

From machines needing complete human intervention to robots handling tasks thanks to their autonomous system, how will your robotic system go to compete in the market? ARRK North America Inc. can help you.

How to develop your autonomous robot with experienced craftmanship 

  1. The first step in developing a robot is to develop a concept. This is where the designer will come up with the idea of what kind of robot they want to build.
  2. Once this has been decided, it is then necessary to consider the materials used. There are many types of material available, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, plastic is cheap and easy to work with but is not strong enough to withstand heavy loads. On the other hand, metal is strong and durable but is difficult to shape and mold. It is therefore important to choose the right material for the job.
  3. When creating the test product, the task performance section will look at whether the robot has been able to complete the tasks it was given correctly. This may include things like picking up objects, moving them around, and placing them somewhere else.

Working with a team such as the one in ARRK North America Inc. will provide you with the right applications of the steps needed to ensure functionality and high-quality products for your market tests. Get in contact with us to further confirm ways we can help your project.

Properly define the type of autonomous robot you want to enter

Different types of autonomous robots can often be found in factories, warehouses, and other places where they can replace humans.

  • The most common type of autonomous robot is a mobile manipulator arm (MMA). These arms move around and pick items off shelves or place them into bins.
  • Other types include industrial robots, which are used in manufacturing.
  • Service robots are usually used to clean houses, assist with medical care, or sanitize offices.
  • Robotic lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, and garden or agricultural tractors.

The main reason for these robots is to diminish human control in the best way possible, keep people safe, taking care of repetitive tasks or high-risk activities.

Remember that it is crucial for your autonomous robot to perform its task, this could look like cleaning, assembling, and packaging products. Therefore, working with a manufacturing team with experience already in the industry provides an upper hand.

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