With every passing year, laser tattoo removal device technology becomes increasingly more popular, that’s because this technology gets safer and more accessible for the general public’s use thanks to expert manufacturing. The ARRK North America Inc. has experience working and designing this type of device, that’s why we can work in developing the necessary parts laser technology to make a tattoo removal device, including the designing stage, for the aesthetics of the device to be able to be chosen by companies and their customers. 

Count with all in one service which your company benefits from, we call it End-to-End service. Here, ARRK’s team contemplates all possible solutions, such as rapid prototyping, Low Volume Production, Urethane Casting, 3D Printing, CNC machining, Tooling, and Injection Molding. There is always a way to make your idea a reality.

Making an effective laser tattoo removal service for your customers’ business

Laser tattoo removal works by targeting the pigment cells that cause tattoos to appear and destroying them, the process takes anywhere from three to six sessions depending on the size of the tattoo and the type of ink used (black ink is generally easier to remove than other colors).


The reason why colored ink is harder to remove than black ink is that the wavelength of the laser is adjusted at 1064nm, which is effective at breaking down black ink, but other colors like red have to be removed with a wavelength of 532nm. Our engineers will design a reflector based on your specifications and materials, this includes choosing the right material, size, shape, and mounting options.

The effectiveness of the process depends on the number of sessions, the intensity of the sessions, and the size and ink used in the tattoo, but generally, laser tattoo removal has clear effects that can be immediately noticed.

Your company can help the patients of your customers by working with the best when producing every laser tattoo removal device in your production line.

Helping your Customers Ensure Patient Satisfaction

Laser treatment could hurt just as much as the tattooing process itself, that’s because the laser burns and breaks down the ink inside the skin tissue, this allows the body to absorb the ink and later dispose of it through natural methods; that’s why the procedure must be done in many sessions, as to ensure the minimum risk for the client’s skin health.

Even with the pain, this type of treatment can generate, laser removal is still getting a lot of new clients, with a high level of satisfaction after finishing with their laser treatment, mainly because people are getting more tattoos than before, and that generates a lot of unwanted tattoos that people would like to get removed.

Your customers need you to keep a good manufacturing team for them to continue their business, and it all starts with you and an effective laser tattoo removal technology and design.

If you need to develop the laser technology, want to make better-looking devices, or both; contact ARRK North America Inc. our group of experts can help you at any stage of the process so that it meets the quality and the expectations of the clients.

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