Optical coatings are used to enhance the transmission, reflection, or polarization properties of an optical component.  Using our prototyping solutions with3D printing, urethane casting, or CNC machining, we can help your project when you need expert optical coating processes to work as the final product.

It’s so important you choose wisely among the types of coatings. The performance of an optical coating depends on it. It is dependent on the number of layers, thickness, and refractive index difference between them, and our team knows how to work with such projects.

When working with ARRK, your products will be made from a proprietary blend of high-quality materials designed to meet today’s devices’ demanding requirements. The combination of our unique process and advanced technologies allow us to produce highly durable, scratch-resistant coatings that will last longer than any competitor’s offering.

Meeting the highest optical performance

The ARRK North America team has extensive experience in developing optical coatings, and we can offer a wide range of products that will meet your requirements. Our technical expertise includes designing, producing, and applying high-quality optical coatings for medical devices.


Low Volume Production with Injection molding or Die Casting, among other manufacturing options for market research or a small concentrated target market.

  • Antireflection Coatings
  • Beam splitter Coatings
  • Electrochromic Coatings
  • Filter Coatings
  • High Reflection Coatings
  • Partial Reflection Coating
  • Transparent Conductive Coatings

The need to have excellent attention to the coating material

Using the optical coating wrong can cause setbacks in your project. If applied at a different angle of incidence or polarization than what it is designed for, it will result in a significant degradation in performance. Sufficiently large deviations in incidence angle and polarization can result in a complete loss of coating function.

When looking to have prototyping or a production partner, it is important to select the right manufacturer to keep the performance of an optical coating, making sure your testing or your end users keep having the high quality they are expecting.

Designed and Built the way you want it to look with High Quality

The industry demands for high-quality products and services are increasing every day. The product design team at ARRK North America Inc. has worked on a wide range of projects to create high-quality devices. We will work with you throughout every stage of this process, from product design through production and beyond – all in an effort to meet both time deadlines as well as quality needs while staying within budget constraints. Contact us at (866) 448-2046 or fill out our form to Get a Quote

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