There could be many obstacles during the manufacturing process, one of them is having a manufacturing plan for production under a tight budget; ARRK North America Inc. is able to provide an excellent service and we can guide any company through the manufacturing process, our experts will be sure to communicate with the client and make the necessary changes to the process so that it can be adapted to the client’s needs.

Budgeting accurately is an essential part of keeping your manufacturing business profitable. Your budget also gives you a reference point for your company’s financial health, sets prices, increases efficiency, and plans for future growth; companies of all sizes can benefit from improving their budgeting techniques.

Four points to consider in your Manufacturing Plan for production under a tight budget:

1. First of all, you would have to make a design of the intended product, when the design is completed, you would need a prototype of it, the best thing would be to make the prototype by a process that has a low cost and can make it quickly. ARRK can use a process called urethane casting, which combines the advantages of rapid prototyping (RP) and 3D printing, but without the high cost and complexity of RP.


2. One important factor that has to be viewed when making a budget is the product demand for the intended product, the product demand depends on many factors including price, quality, availability, and brand recognition; these factors are often influenced by competition from other companies, the location of the physical stores or the cost of shipment to the client’s location.

3. The cost of making a product is often underestimated, it includes not only the initial investment but also the ongoing maintenance costs, for example, if you want to change the color of your product, you will have to pay for either a new material or for the necessary process the raw material needs, to change to the intended color. If you want to add a new feature, you may need to redesign the entire product, so everything needs to be very well thought out so the costs don’t surpass the initial budget.

Lastly, the manufacturing cost will vary the most depending on the raw material used in the creation of the product, and the size of the batch that will be initially made.

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For more information about the different processes you can use for product development, you can contact ARRK North America Inc., where we will be able to show all the available ways of manufacturing to ensure the success of your project. Also, we can adapt it to the specific needs of every company.

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