Meeting the needs of your customers is a priority that cast urethane prototypes help have successful results. From the advantages of urethane casting to ARRK’s manufacturing advantages, we give a glimpse of how to produce cast urethane prototypes for medical robotics with a high success probability.

Innovating the medical field industry

Having robots help in surgery has been the most impressive jump of robotics into the medical field, but the implementation of robotics in the medical field shows up in different circumstances, as simple as giving company to patients in hospitals, or robots allowing doctors to do a post-surgery check-up from far away. The most common uses of medical robots come when handling repetitive tasks that could lead to injuries or that might take long hours of surgery, helping doctors manage long hours of work.

4 key points to produce Cast Urethane Prototypes for medical robotics projects:

  1. Choose a urethane casting manufacturer with excellent finishing results
  2. Get in contact with the manufacturing team to handle the details of the project
  3. Communicate all the needs and get in a proper agreement with the expectation of the prototype
  4. Stay in touch with the manufactured team to properly see ways of doing iterations according to your customer reviews, market testing results, and investor presentations summarized detail change. 

Make an impact with innovative medical robots but with a good manufacturer. 


The execution of manufacturing innovative products could be limited by the end result of the prototyping process or the company’s team. Companies must be up-to-date with the ever-evolving manufacturing processes. Besides meeting the full range of regulations, each device must comply with public safety guidelines or international certifications.

Working with companies experienced in regulatory compliances or having experience in creating medical devices that the robot will handle, even having knowledge of lighting design for the specifications of the medical robot, makes it easier for the end-user. Therefore, making sure that all the production line is handled with diligence to details and apprehension in case of possible setbacks, setting plans to give solutions.

Collaborating with an experienced manufacturing team is key

Having a team of design engineers, production managers, and excellent craftsmanship gives an excellent product development result. Our team handles fields such as the aerospace & defense industry, consumer goods, automobile, and other manufacturing industries.

Advantages of using cast urethane prototypes in the medical field with ARRK

Testing out medical robots with cast urethane prototypes first, instead of directly manufacturing with other manufacturing processes, has shown a constantly set of successful results, in the end, thanks to these 2 reasons: 

  • The versatility that urethane casting provides gives a significant opportunity to create a new medical technology or invention, allowing multiple iterations and keeping within budget.
  • The variety of rigid and flexible material compounds allows parts to be as it needs to be, significantly giving a working prototype, close to the manufactured end product, and in less time.

Advantages of ARRK’s urethane casting service

The high-quality parts ARRK produces are great to have a customer review the product, that your marketing team does their market testing with good time frames, and presenting a functional prototype in investor presentations.

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